Bestselling Author, ANR

ANR is an Amazon Best Selling Author of The Butterfly Project.

She also writes in the genres of fiction, fantasy, and romance.

She is a mental-health advocate and believes that writing is the treating coping method of all.



Writing Journey

ANR is a preeminent Author whose professional career began back in 2020 after her first published work, The Butterfly Project was released, but she’s been writing since 2017. Since then, she’s explored different writing genres and created a loyal group of fans who eagerly await her latest releases. With numerous bestsellers and awards to her name, ANR continues to push literary boundaries.

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The Butterfly Project

A Collection of Mental-Health Themed Poetry

ANR was diagnosed with depression in 2017, and used writing as an outlet, and decided to release a poetry collection dedicated to her favorite coping method. The method was drawing a butterfly where she wanted to self-harm, and if she hurt herself, it killed the butterfly. No one wants to kill a butterfly.

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Contract Review


Randy Ratliff, author of The Null Hypothesis

"I love how ambitious you are and how you work your stories to really fit the characters. Well done, you work it well."


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