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How to Properly Take Book Notes

So, for the OCD writers and neat freaks alike, I am just like you. Everything has to have its place and has to be either color coordinated, or alphabetically organized. With that same note in mind, I've found that a lot of my book ideas, characters, thoughts, and storylines get jumbled up in my head. So, to save you the hassle, I've scanned the interwebs for the perfect questions to ask when taking book notes.

Here, is my format.

Story Development

  • Story Idea

  • What story do you want to tell?

  • What happens to trigger the story?

  • Storyline

  • Who is the main character, and what are they like?


  • Character List

  • Character Description


  • Place

  • Time period

  • Description

  • Population

  • What are some common sounds here?

  • What are some common smells here?


  • Chapter Name List

  • Chapter Storylines

Formatting Details

  • Fonts

  • Colors

  • Format Template

Mood Board(s)

  • Begining

  • Middle

  • End

  • Overall

Want to see this template in action? Click here to see how Amazon Best Selling author ANR used it to take notes for her romance novel, Girl of Puzzles.

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