What We Do

Our marketing services are different from our PR services. Marketing services can design and post social media content, use the right hashtags, and optimize SEO for website traffic. 


Our marketing prices vary but never go above $25.

To design and/or post onto all our social media channels is $5.

To send an email campaign to our mailing list of over 4,000 subscribers is $15.

To optimize SEO tools for your website is $10.

The full marketing package, which includes all of the above, is $25.

To order a package, please email marketing.thebooklover@gmail.com

Please make sure to include your full name, pen name, book name, cover, and synopsis, as well as your contact info, and a detailed description of what you need from your package. The subject line should be formatted exactly as shown below.

Subject - Marketing Service Request - Name - Book Name