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Now What?

Okay, so you've written and edited your book, now what? You have a fabulous piece of art, and no idea where to put it. With our Launch Day Preperation package, we help to market, advertize, and find all the right resources before publishing your book.


Pricing may vary depending on what you've already done, and what needs done, but the minimal cost is $5, and the maximum is $20 if you don't add on any extra services. 

The different services you can get for launch day preparation include

  1. Social media marketing

  2. Email marketing and hype

  3. Finding out how you want to publish and helping you wish that

  4. Launch countdown website

  5. Press releases/confrences

  6. Author copies of the book

  7. Signed copies


To place an order, please email us with the subject line template like so,

Service Request - Name - Launch Day Preperations