Press Conference Microphones

Why Do I Need  Press Release?

Because you could write ten amazing stories, but it's no use if no one reads them. You need people to read your books, and press releases to get the word out that your book exists.

Press releases go to news outlets, journalists, and email marketing campaigns to attract readers into buying your books. All companies, big and small use them, and so should you.



This package is for the writing and designing of a one-page simple press release. This release contains the book name, cover, authors, and a small, 250-word max. synopsis. It does not include the author bio, or contact information, but only the information about buying the book.


This package has everything from Package One but allows for an author biography and contact information. As well as a 500-word max synopsis, and a picture of the author, as well as one other photo of your choice. 


This package is a multi-page press release with the book name, cover, authors, author photos, market images, and a 1000-word max synopsis, as well as author biography, and contact information. This also allows for multiple buying links to different stores and the recommendation of author books from said author, and reviews from customers.


To place an order, please email us with the subject line template like so,

Service Request - Name - Press Release Package