In short, The Book Lover is owned and operated by an indie author who loves to read, write, and help others on their journey to finding great new books or publishing their own.

What We Do


As an author myself, I understand the struggle in finding good resources without breaking my bank, and also as a fellow reader, I know it's equally as hard to find a good book at a good price that's actually worth my time. So, to save fellow authors and book lovers the trouble, I've created this blog.

In the blog, we discuss simple things such as the right questions to ask when world-building, and also the complicated ones like cover design and finding good editors. We also review books and weed out the good and bad classics, because we can all agree that just because a book is famous, doesn't mean it's worthwhile.

I originally started as a TikTok account that I didn't really think would go anywhere. After I got over a hundred followers overnight, and thousands of views, I realized how rare it is to find blogs with the same aesthetic as my own, so I decided to turn it into a website.

Slowly, I've expanded the website beyond its original purpose, but I do keep in mind where we started and what we're really here for. So we allow guest authors to submit blog posts and book launch press releases for free, and also listen to our readers when they request reviews on their favorite books.